Who We Are

Vinemont Community Lutheran Church

We are a Lutheran congregation associated with church The North American Lutheran Church in America.  We follow the Lutheran Creeds and Confessions.

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We are a small, yet mighty force for God.  We love to come together in worship, prayer, praise, fellowship and thanksgiving.  We love the Lord and love each other.  We are on a mission from God to share the good news of the Gospel, to bring others to know Christ and to love those that God puts in our path. We have many friends websites that donate us money – – reasearch paper writing help, only custom essay!

Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given service policy configuration?
A. It blocks all domains except facebook.com, msn.com, cisco.com, and google.com
B. It blocks all domains except cisco.com, msn.com, and facebook.com
C. It blocks facebook.com, msn.com, cisco.com, and google.com, and permits all other domains
D. It blocks cisco.com, msn.com, and facebook.com and permits all other domains.
Correct Answer: B
What are the three configurations in which SSL VPN can be implemented?(three)
A. PVC Tunnel Mode
B. Thin-Client
D. L2TP over IPSec
F. AnyConnect Tunnel Mode
G. Clientless
Correct Answer: CFG
What are two types of attcks against wireless networks that can be prevented by a WLC?(two)
A. Layer 3 flooding attacks
B. DHCP rogue server attacks
C. IP spoofing attacks
D. Inverse ARP attacks on specific ports
E. ARP sniffing attacks on specific ports
Correct Answer: BC
Which authentication does WCCPv2 use to protect messages against interception, inspection, and replay attacks?
A. MD5
B. clear text
C. two factor
D. Kerberos
Correct Answer: A
Which type of attack uses a large number of spoofed MAC addresses to emulate wireless clients?
A. DoS against a client station
B. device-probing attack
C. authentication-failure attack
D. Airsnarf attack
E. chopchop attack
F. DoS against an access point
Correct Answer: F