Which feature of WEP was intended to prevent an attacker from altering and resending data packets over a WEP connection?
A. Transport Layer Security
B. MD5 hashing
C. the RC4 cipher
D. message integrity checks
E. the cyclic redundancy check
Correct Answer: E
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about router R1 is true?
R1# dir nvram:
Directory of nvram:/
51 -rw- 993 startup-config
52 —- 3004 private-config
1 —- 15 persistent-data
2 -rw- 272 config.pub
3 -rw- 963 config.prv4 -rw- 0 ifIndex-table
A. Its startup configuration is missing.
B. Its NVRAM contains public and private crypto keys.
C. RMON is configured.
D. Its running configuration is missing.
E. Its private-config is corrupt.
Correct Answer: E
A user attempts to brose the internet through a CWS-integrated router, and the HTTP 403 Forbidden error message is returned. Which reason for the problem is the mo?
A. The connection timed out
B. The CWS license has expired
C. The user attempted to access a web site that is blocked by CWS policy
D. User authentication failed
E. The user is not logged in to CWS
F. The CWS connector is down
Correct Answer: B

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Which statement about SenderBase reputation scoring on an ESA deivce is true?
A. Application traffic from know bad sites can be throttled or blocked
B. Sender reputation scores can be assigned to domains, IP addresses, and MAC addresses
C. Maild with scores in the medium range can be automatically routed for antimalware scanning
D. A high score indicates that a message is very likely to be spam
E. You can configure a custom score threshold for whitelisting messages.
F. By default, all messages with a score below zero are dropped or throttled
Correct Answer: F
Which statement about the Cisco ISR with Cloud Web Security Connector true?
A. It eliminates the need for separate components such as the Zone-Based Policy Firewall and Cisco IOS IPS
B. It can be managed with ScanCenter, which is an intuitive web interface, and a powerful CLI
C. It maximizes security by requiring active authentication for all users.
D. It uses powerful signature-based security solutions and behavior-based analysis to detect and eliminate malware
E. It integrates with Cisco Outbreak intelligence for zero-day threat protection
F. It dramatically reduces the need for on-premises hardware, but scalles best when the central central management console is depoyed on-site
G. It supports numerours user authentication methods, including LDAP, RADIUS, kerberos, and NTLM
H. It uses powerful encryption to protext confidential, proprietary, and sensive data as it transits to and from the cloud
Correct Answer: C
Which statement about SMTP authentication in a Cisco ESA deployment is true?
A. If an authenticating user belongs to more than one LDAP gourp, each with different user roles, AsyncOS grants permissions in accordance with the least.
B. the LDAP servers used by an ESA must share a single SMTP authentication profile
C. Clients can be authenticated with an LDAP bind or by fetching a passphrase as an attribute
D. It enables users at remote sites to release email messages from spam quarantine
E. When SMTP authentication with forwarding is performed by a second SMTP server, the second server also performs the transfer of queued messages
F. It enable users at remote sites to retrieve their email messages via secure client
Correct Answer: C

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